Mechanical Services

Yes Contracts Building Services Ltd provide and maintain compliant mechanical installation and services to commercial properties.  Whether it’s a complete new installation (for a new building or refurbishment) or a small repair, we can provide the full range of mechanical services.

We also provide and maintain compliant electrical power in commercial properties.  Whether it’s a complete new electrical installation or the testing of a single socket outlet, we can provide the full range of electrical services.


We provide a complete range of services ensuring your heating systems are ready for the Winter.  Whether you need a whole new heating system, or repairs for your old one, we have the team with the skills, knowledge and experience to expertly assist you.

We cater for all types of heating project work, from replacing radiator valves to a full design and build of a district heating system.  We are very proud of our Projects Team who work diligently to achieve our goal of being your contractor of choice.

Gas & Combustion

Our installation and service teams are registered Gas Engineers who are experienced in working with the variety of gas equipment manufacturers found in commercial premises.  Whether it’s checking the CO levels in a boiler flue or installing a welded gas pipe, we can cover your gas requirements.


We install and maintain above and below ground drainage systems. Essential to the smooth and healthy operation of your buildings, our team of Engineers are ready to install the full range of drainage systems.

We also provide a maintenance service to keep your drains free from blockages as well as a rapid response service, should an overflow occur.


We install and maintain plumbing systems in commercial buildings. Commercial plumbing systems have distinct variations when compared to domestic systems.  Our Engineers are experienced in working on these systems to ensure your water is reliably wholesome.

Access Control

We assist in keeping your building secure. Whether it’s keeping people in or people out, we can install and maintain all types of systems found in your buildings.


Complementing our air conditioning department, we also offer a comprehensive ventilation installation service.  Our ventilation teams are experienced in all aspects of ventilation found in commercial buildings, from the most basic of systems to the most complicated – in world class research laboratories.

Air Conditioning

Our team of Engineers install and service the full range of air conditioning and chillers.  The F Gas regulations are designed to minimise the impact refrigerants have on global warming.

Our Air Conditioning Engineers are F Gas certified and we can provide both the professional service and necessary documentation for you to meet your obligations.

Where a building has no central air conditioning plant, our air conditioning department can design and install chillers (packaged or independent air conditioning systems) including the latest VRV systems.  These can provide both heating and cooling in an extremely energy efficient way.

We also replace older systems containing R22 refrigerant with modern, environmentally friendlier alternatives.

Electrical Installation

Working to the latest electrical regulations and best practice, our teams of Engineers and specialist subcontractors are trained to undertake all types of electrical installations including offices, universities and specialist hospitals.  After the electrical installation has been undertaken, our electrical engineers test works using the latest multi-function equipment and record the results in accordance with NICEIC requirements.

Electrical Inspection & Testing

We provide the full range of electrical inspection services for your buildings. From initial installation to ongoing routine servicing, we undertake electrical inspections in accordance with the latest electrical regulations. We do this at bespoke times to avoid disruption to you and your operations, our electrical engineers test works using the latest multi-function equipment and record the results in accordance with NICEIC requirements.

Whether it forms part of a whole building planned maintenance regime or a one off standalone job, our qualified Electrical Engineers test your building’s fixed wire installations to current British Standards.

Portable Appliance Testing

Our electrical Engineers undertake your portable appliance testing in accordance with the regulations.  Depending on the type of electrical equipment you have (and its use), we provide specific portable appliance testing to ensure you are compliant.  It is essential that your portable electrical appliances are safe to use. In order to achieve this, our qualified Electricians use the latest equipment to test them at intervals (using best practice guidelines) and then issue detailed asset list and test results.

Lighting/Emergency Lighting

We install and maintain all aspects of your building’s lighting systems and lighting control systems.  Whether it’s for task or emergency lighting, achieving the correct lux levels are essential.

We can install complete lighting or maintain existing systems to the relevant British Standards.  Our team of experienced Engineers undertake lighting installations for your offices, universities, shops and hospitals.

From initial concept to detailed design drawings and specifications, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure correct lux levels are provided and ensuring energy efficiency with a payback calculation.

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