Industrial Installation

Our total contract management services covers everything from modification and upgrading of existing services to the complete re-design and installation of major plant & system installations.

Our services includes:

  • UPS Installations
  • Design and Installation of Power and Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting Design and Installation
  • 3-Phase supplies
  • Moves and Changes
  • Maintenance and Breakdown


Corporate & Retail

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Clean Power Circuits for Computers

Maintenance and Breakdown

Complete Office Installations

NIC Testing and Inspection


Yes Contracts Building Services Ltd install and maintain lighting & electrical systems for offices, retail units, warehouses, car parks and all types of commercial property.

Security lighting systems are installed and maintained to ensure maximum coverage whilst minimising energy consumption and light pollution.

Regular lighting maintenance combined with modern detection systems can provide consistent levels of luminance and maximise energy savings.

Presence detection and occupancy sensors can switch lighting to predetermined levels in sales areas and displays to increase the sales impact. Window display lighting, advertising signs and point of sale lighting can quickly decrease in light output without regular maintenance.


Electrical for Temporary Sites

Yes Contracts Building Services Ltd offer a wide range of services to many types of industry including generator hire & temporary electrics. Backed up by our team of expert staff we can provide 24 hour cover to our customers for service, delivery and installation.

Our services include:


Power 415v Supplies

Cranes, Hoists, Generators

Small Plant

Power 110v supplies

Power 110v Supplies

Power and Lighting


Yes Contracts Building Services Ltd offer a full turnkey service from site survey through to full installation temporary or permanent and manage the equipment throughout the contract for service and fuel if requested.

We operate our own transport with offloading facilities so we can respond to our customers needs at any time night or day. For your peace of mind an electrical surveyor can visit your site to inform you of the best value for money system that can be installed